National AIDS Archive Collection


The National AIDS Archive Collection documents the history of AIDS education and prevention and related concerns in all Australian states, territories and nationally. It contains material from a wide range of government agencies, community-based organisations and individuals. It includes significant holdings of printed material, audio-visual material and ephemera.

As well as records of broad-ranging interest, the National AIDS Archive Collection contains records that are specifically oriented towards particular communities and concerns. Some of the targeted communities include the gay community, church groups, sex industry workers, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, indigenous Australians, intravenous drug users, and people living with HIV/AIDS. Specific concerns addressed include women's health, haemophilia, workplace health and safety, prisons, and safe sex.

This is a list of material we hold in the National AIDS Archive Collection. Several deposits are restricted and you will need the depositor's permission to use them.

Collection index

Deposit name Deposit number Date
Quantity in
shelf metres
General library reference material H1 1985 - 1995 1.4 General reference items on AIDS in Australia as a whole. Included are catalogue listings from libraries, chronologies, personal research work
and bibliographies of researchers. 
H2 1985 - 2008 9.3 An artificial collection, mostly publications, plus posters and AV material produced by the
Commonwealth Health Department and successor agencies, AIDS Education Unit, Communicable Diseases Branch. A small number of publications
are from other Commonwealth agencies. All relate to the HIV/AIDS education campaign. 
Non Commonwealth Government Products  H3 1986 - 1994 14.7 An artificial collection of all forms of printed material including posters, plus AV material produced by non Commonwealth government bodies as part of the HIV/AIDS education campaign. 
Family Planning
Federation of Australia 
H4 1968 - 1992 20.1 Minutes, files and papers relating to administration, policy, education, contraception, finance, statistics, publicity, committees and related bodies including the South Pacific Family Planning programs and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.
Australian IV League
H5 1988 - 1992 2.25 Minutes, reports, conference and workshop papers, correspondence, subject, and general files, press cuttings and publications.
Australian Federation
of AIDS Organisations
H6 and H24 1985 - 2014 39 Policy records, minutes, project and subject files covering the major activities of the Federation, files from the Legal Rights Project Office and publications. Also includes
Foundation of
Australia (HFA)
includes predecessors 
H7 1977 - 1993 9.9 Council Executive,and Conference papers, correspondence with interstate societies and overseas bodies, general and research files, AIDS related files and papers, publications, press cuttings, audio-visual items and records of predecessors of the Australian Federation of Haemophilia Societies and the Haemophilia Society of Victoria.
AIDS Action Council
of the ACT 
H8 1984 - 1994 15 Board minutes, policy and project files, correspondence and printed material. Includes records of People Living with AIDS ACT and the National People Living with AIDS Coalition.
Phil Carswell Papers  H9 and H18 1983 - 1993 3 Personal papers of Phil Carswell documenting his membership of the Victorian AIDS Council, NACAIDS, ANCA, and other AIDS related
bodies from 1983. Papers relate to AIDS policy, programs and work in this field with Ggovernment
and community liaison. 
Geoffrey Harrison
H10 1973 - 1993 7.35 Personal papers of Geoffrey Harrison covering his work as a publicist in the Performing Arts field and his involvement as a campaigner and advocate on
treatments, policy and education publicist in HIV/AIDS community and national organisations. Includes files, albums, diaries, posters, audiotapes and cassettes. 
Public Health
Association. (PHA) 
H11 1968 - 1998 10.65 Meetings papers, annual reports, correspondence and publications files, conference papers, membership lists, publications and papers about workshops, special interest groups and related organisations. 
Magnus, Nankervis
and Curl 
H12 1985 - 1990 0.9 Records relating exclusively to the contract this company held to devise Phase 2 advertising campaigns for the National AIDS Education
Program, 1987-1990. Includes general files, media proposals, questionnaires, scripts production documentation and research papers. 
ACTUP Melbourne
(AIDS Coalition to
Unleash Power) 
H13 1990 - 1993 0.45 Files about Melbourne campaign, publicity and planning, inter-organisational campaign papers plus news and publicity material from overseas
organisations. This collection consists of copies of records retained by ACTUP.
AIDS Trust of
Australia (ATA)
H14 1987 - 1992 2 Trustees meetings papers, correspondence and subject files re donations, fundraising, sales, agreements and various activities; press releases, press cuttings, AIDS information papers and reports. 
Scarlet Alliance H15 1988 - 1993 2.1 Subject files covering all aspects of their activities, meetings and conference papers, reports and submissions; documentation relating to sex worker rights, other sex worker organisations, and HIV/AIDS here and overseas.
Churches AIDS
Pastoral Care &
Education Program
H16 1988 - 1993 2 History of the program, Committee of Management records, papers re sub-committees, correspondence and subject files, Youth Conference papers, kits and publications. 
AIDS Society of ASIA
and the Pacific (ASAP)
H17 1989 - 1992 1.2 Aims, rules, Executive Committee and conference papers and files re programs and activities. 
Bill Bowtell Papers  H19 1984 - 1994 3.3

Files documenting Bill Bowtell's involvement in HIV/Aids policy and administration (1983-93). He was Senior Policy advisor to the Health Minister (1983-86), and involved with ANCA, AFAO and other bodies.

National Association
of People Living
with AIDS (formerly
H20 1991 - 1993 1.2 Classified file series covering aspects of the work of this organisation.
Index to archived documents of Greg Weir H21 1995 0.1 An index to documents deposited in the National Library of Australia as MS 8915. MS 8915 comprises 25 files of correspondence, articles, cuttings, reports, minutes, posters and other papers assembled by Greg Weir during twenty years of political activism. A list of the contents of MS 8915 is at
Counselling notes H22 1983 - 1986 0.2 Notes made by Terry Goulden during his work at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney.
AIDS in Australia H23 1980s - 1990s 25 Newspaper cuttings, research papers on AIDS in Australia compiled by Dr John Ballard.
Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations Deposit 2 H24 1985 - 2014 28 Minutes of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and affiliated members, correspondence files, National and International conference programs and papers, policy files, legal files, National and International project files, Government and Non-Government liaison, medical research and treatments programs, educational resources, publications, audiovisual and printed material.

Children living in a

world with AIDS poster

H25 1997 0.1 A poster from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.