Prime Ministers at ANU

Prime Ministers at The Australian National University: An Archival Guide by Michael Piggott & Maggie Shapley

The ANU Archives holds records about all 27 Australian prime ministers in the Noel Butlin Archives Centre and in the university's own archives. Prime ministers have been supporters, visitors, Council members, fellows, students, and even Chancellor of the Australian National University. Prime ministers have also been trade unionists and businessmen, and have been lobbied by trade unions, companies and industry associations, leaving their traces in the business and trade union collections of the Noel Butlin Archives Centre.

The authors, Michael Piggott (Australian Prime Ministers Centre fellow) and Maggie Shapley (ANU University Archivist), bring their considerable archival knowledge to the task of mapping prime ministers in the archival landscape and highlighting the prime ministerial riches which are found in the archives. The guide offers an extensive listing of relevant subject and personal files, minutes of meetings, rare printed items, photographs and audiovisual material, dating from the 19th to the 21st century, and ten short studies showing how these records might be used.

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