Transferring records to the University Archives

Most ANU staff create and manage records, whether electronic or paper, on a daily basis. Official records of the University are covered by the Archives Act 1983 and the University's Records and Archives Management Policy. Advice on managing records is available on the University Records website.

Not all records created need to be kept and only a small percentage will become University Archives. Official University records will be assessed against disposal authorities issued by the National Archives and only those records designated 'Retain as national archives' will be transferred from University Records to the University Archives.

If you have records which are not part of official University records but which you consider may have continuing value, the University Archives can provide advice. We will assess the records using our collecting policy, including determining the degree of duplication with official records and the likely future research value of the records. Personal collections of papers maintained by senior staff and research files maintained by academic staff, where the material is not duplicated in official files, are those which are most likely to be accepted for transfer to the University Archives.

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