2011 Senator John Faulkner: Proud past, bright future

You can watch the lecture online on the ANU YouTube channel, or listen to the lecture online.

About the lecture

Senator John Faulkner presents the annual Archives lecture reflecting on the history of the Labour movement in Australia. His talk also opens the 'Labour history and its people' conference hosted by the Australian Society for the study of Labour History in association with the National Centre for Biography.

About the speaker

Senator John Faulkner has been a Senator for New South Wales since 1989 and served as a minister in the Keating and Rudd Labour governments and as Minister for Defence in the Gillard government till September last year. He was parliamentary representative on the National Archives Advisory Council from 1996 to 2008 and was reappointed in September 2010. Senator Faulkner is an advocate for government accountability through Freedom for Information and Archives legislations and has authored publications on representative government and the history of the Australian Labour Party.