Newly processed collections

1 June 2015

In conjunction with the data entry project, we have appraised, arranged and described a significant number of small collections in the Noel Butlin Archives Centre which were previously held in temporary accessions. These were selected because they were self-contained deposits where we do not expect further material to be added. Company deposits completed are:

  • Northern Territory Land Company Limited
  • Squatting Australia Investment Company
  • Warrnambool Gas Company
  • John Danks & Son Pty Ltd deposit 3
  • Australian Porcelain Insulator Company Pty Ltd
  • Mount Wood Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
  • Lake Victoria Station
  • The Journalists' Club
  • Merryville Pty Ltd
  • Veneer& Plywood Pty Ltd
  • Elmina Station
  • McDowells Limited
  • Pioneer International Ltd
  • William Adams & Company Ltd
  • Sharpe Brothers
  • Bodalla Company deposit 4
  • Adelaide Steamship Company deposit 3
  • The Australian Aircraft and Engineering Company

 Deposits from trade unions and organisations completed:

  • Australian Federation of Medical Women
  • Maritime Union of Australia 2004 conference
  • Victorian Printers' Operative Union
  • Federated Millers and Mill Employees Association of Australia
  • Institute of Public Affairs deposit 2
  • Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women Victorian Division
  • Operative Stonemasons' Society of Australia New South Wales Branch deposit 3
  • Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union deposit 3 membership cards
  • Federated Coopers of Australia Victorian Branch deposit 2
  • Ancient Order of Foresters, United Ballarat District
  • Northern Collieries' Cutters and Carters' Section, Australian Timber Workers' Union New South Wales Branch
  • Australian Timber Workers' Union South Australian Branch deposit 2
  • Seamen's Union of Australia Western Australian Branch
  • Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union of Australia New South Wales Branch
  • Waterside Workers' Federation Mackay Branch
  • Australian Railways Union Queensland Branch, Oakey sub-branch
  • Unemployed People's Union, 1978-1980: this organisation was first formed in Parramatta to represent unemployed workers with the name chosen for the 'Up You' acronym

Deposits from individuals Alan Simakoff (Administrative and Clerical Officers' Association), shearer Timothy Tansey, Ted Roach (Waterside Workers' Federation), Spanish Civil War volunteer Margaret Howells, Clyde Cameron (Australian Workers' Union), historian Kenneth Buckley, archivist Barbara Reed, scientist Kathleen Makinson and Bob Pringle (Builders' Labourers' Federation) have also been processed and entered on the database.


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