What is in the Archives

The ANU Archives Program preserves the university's own archives and collects archives of business, trade unions, professional associations and industry bodies, to support research by the University community and the general public.

You can get an idea if the Archives hold records relevant to your research by looking at our online lists of holdings. There are separate lists for the University Archives and the Noel Butlin Archives Centre. If after looking at these lists you think we may hold relevant records,and want more information, please contact us.


You can see a small proportion of our photographs on the ANU Open Research website but we hold many more in our collections.


The Archives holds a large collection of maps including mines and pastoral stations which are listed in our map catalogue.


We hold an extensive collection of Tooth and Company records which provide information on most hotels in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Most of this information is from 1920 and later but there is some from the late nineteenth century. Send an email to butlin.archives@anu.edu.au with the name of the hotel you're interested in and we will tell you if we hold any records about it

Waterside workers/wharfies

We hold Waterside Workers Federation membership records for many people who worked on ports around Australia. To find an individual waterside worker's membership record send an email containing his full name, date of birth and which port he worked at to butlin.archives@anu.edu.au.


We hold Seamen's Union membership records for many people who worked on ships based in Australian ports. To find an individual membership record we need to know the full name, date of birth and the port closest to where the person lived and the years they were active.

If you're looking for someone who was a seaman after 1922 you should consult the General Register of Seamen at the National Archives of Australia General Register of Seamen registration cards for each person serving in ships registered in Australia1922-1963 (MP978/1-3). Contact the National Archives of Australia at ref@naa.gov.au.

Registration cards vary from the earlier years, but all will give aseamen's name and most include place and year of birth. Some cards include an address,certificate number, place and date of engagement including details of the ship and the capacity in which engaged, and the place and date of discharge. The information was compiled from the articles of agreement which were contracts of employment between masters and seamen.

Pastoral stations

While we don't hold records of all pastoral stations we do have records of some from some. Pastoral station records can include managers' reports, correspondence, maps, financial records, wage records and ration books. Many stations for which we hold records are named in our list of holdings. Other stations may be mentioned in our card index which we can search for you. Please send the names of stations and the dates for which you are looking for information to butlin.archives@anu.edu.au and we will tell you if we hold any relevant records.

Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR) in Fiji

If your ancestor was an Australian sent to CSR we may have wage records.We would need to know the person's name, where in Fiji they worked and the dates they were there to help find them.  

Indentured labourers were recruited  from India under contract to the Government of Fiji: for lists of immigrants see General Register of Indian Immigration 1879-1919and other similar series (Department of Immigration, Fiji , records held by the Western Pacific High Commission, microform copies held by the National Library of Australia).