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Rt Hon. Viscount Bruce of Melbourne

Deputy Chairman of Council

Dr HC Coombs


Sir Leslie Melville


  • Standing Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Advisers on Status and Promotions
  • Advisers on Buildings and Grounds
  • Advisers on Legislation
  • Advisers on Scholar's Emoluments

Board of Graduate Studies


Academic structure

John Curtin School of Medical Research

Subject Subject head
Biochemistry Professor Hugh Ennor
Experimental Pathology Dr George Mackaness
Medical chemistry Professor Adrien Albert
Microbiology Professor Frank Fenner
Physiology Professor John Eccles


Research School of Pacific Studies

Subject Subject head
Anthropology and Sociology Professor Siegfried Nadel
Far Eastern History Professor Charles FitzGerald
Geography Professor Oskar Spate
International Relations Professor Walter Crocker
Pacific History Professor James Davidson


Research School of Physical Sciences

Subject Subject head
Astronomy Professor Richard van der Riet Woolley
Geophysics Professor Conrad Jaeger
Nuclear Physics Professor Ernest Titterton
Particle Physics Professor Mark Oliphant (and Director)
Radiochemistry Frank Scarf
Theoretical Physics Dr Stuart Butler


Research School of Social Sciences

Subject Subject head
Demography Wilfrid Borrie
Economics Professor Trevor Swan
History Laurence Fitzhardinge
Law Professor Geoffrey Sawer
Political Science Leicester Webb
Social Philosophy Professor Percy Partridge
Statistics Professor Patrick Moran


Administrative structure

Position Person
Registrar Ross Hohnen
Accountant William Hamilton
University Architect Edward Scollay
Librarian Arthur McDonald
Political Science Leicester Webb
University House Master Professor Dale Trendall