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Emeritus Professor Sir John Crawford


Hon. Mr Justice Richard Blackburn


Professor Anthony Low


  • Standing Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Buildings and Grounds Committee
  • General Policy Advisory Committee
  • Advisers on Legislation
  • Committee on Industrial Policy

Professorial Board

Board of the Institute of Advanced Studies

Board of the Faculties


Institute of Advanced Studies

Research School of Biological Sciences

Subject Subject head
Behavioural Biology Professor RF Mark
Developmental Biology Professor DJ Carr
Environmental Biology Professor CB Osmond
Genetics Professor JA Pateman
Neurobiology Professor GA Horridge
Population Biology Professor B John(and Director)
Molecular Biology Unit Dr H Naora
Taxonomy Unit L Watson
Virus Ecology Research Group Dr AJ Gibbs


Research School of Chemistry

Subject Subject head
Organic Chemistry Professor AJ Birch
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Professor DP Craig
Inorganic Chemistry Professor AM Sargeson & Professor BG Hyde
Analytical Services Unit BJ Stevenson


Research School of Earth Sciences

Position Person
Geochemistry Professor AE Ringwood (and Director)
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Professor JS Turner
Economic Geology Professor LB Gustafson
Geophysics Professor K Lambeck


John Cutin School of Medical Research

Director Professor R Porter

Position Person
Biochemistry Professor FEW Gibson (and Director to 29.2.80)
Clinical science Dr MA Denborough
Experimental Pathology Dr WJ Cliff
Human Biology Dr RL Kirk
Immunology Professor B Morris
Microbiology Professor GL Ada
Pharmacology Professor DR Curtis
Physical Biochemistry Professor LW Nichol
Physiology Professor PO Bishop
Medical Chemistry Group Dr DJ Brown
Animal Breeding Establishment Dr JB Smith


Research School of Pacific Studies

Position Person
Anthropology Professor RM Keesing
Biogeography and Geomorphology Professor D Walker
Economics Professor HW Arndt
Far Eastern History Professor Wang Gungwu (and Director to 13.11.80)
Human Geography Professor RG Ward (and Director from 14.11.80)
International Relations Professor JDB Miller
Linguistics Professor SA Wurm
Pacific and South-East Asian History Professor GA Daws
Political and Social Change Professor JAC Mackie
Prehistory Professor J Golson
Australia-Japan Research Centre Dr AG Rix
Contemporary China Centre IFH Wilson
Development Studies Centre Dr RT Shand
North Australia Research Unit Dr FH Bauer
South Asian History Section Professor DA Low
Strategic and Defence Studies Centre Dr RJ O'Neill


Research School of Physical Sciences

Position Person
Applied mathematics Professor BW Ninham
Engineering physics Professor S Kaneff
Mathematics Professor RE Edwards
Mt Stromlo and siding spring observatories Professor DS Mathewson
Nuclear physics Professor JO Newton
Plasma research laboratory Dr SM Hamberger
Solid state physics Professor WA Runciman
Theoretical physics Professor KJ Le Couteur
Diffusion research unit Dr R Mills
Electron and ion diffusion unit Dr RW Crompton
Ultraviolet physics unit Professor JH Carver (and Director)


Research School of Social Sciences

Director Professor AJ Youngman (to 28.3.80), Professor GM Neutze (from 1.7.80)

Subject Subject head
Demography Professor JC Caldwell
Economic History Professor NG Butlin
Economics Professor FHG Gruen
History Professor OOG MacDonagh
Law Professor SJ Stoljar
Philosophy Professor JJC Smart
Political Science Professor DA Aitkin
Sociology Professor FL Jones
Statistics Professor PAP Moran
Australian Dictionary of Biography NB Nairn & Dr G Serle
History of Ideas Unit Professor E Kamenka
Urban Research Unit Dr GM Neutze
Archives of Business and Labour Michael Saclier


The Faculties

Faculty of Arts

Subject Subject head
Classics Dr CM Mayrhofer
English (including Fine Art and Medieval Studies Professor JP Hardy
Geography Professor BLC Johnson
Germanic languages Professor H Kuhn
History (Including Women's Studies) Professor JN Molony
Linguistics Professor RMW Dixon
Philosophy K Lycos
Political Science Professor JL Richardson
Prehistory and Anthropology (including Aboriginal Studies) Professor DJ Mulvaney
Romance Languages Professor DP Scales
Slavonic Languages PR Ireland
Sociology Professor J Zubrzycki
Human Sciences Program Dr IM Hughes


Faculty of Asian Studies

Subject Subject head
Asian Civilisations Professor AL Basham
Chinese Professor T-y Liu
Indonesian Languages and Literatures Professor AH Johns
Japanese Professor A Alfonso
South Asian and Buddhist Studies Professor JW de Jong


Faculty of Economics

Subject Subject head
Accounting and Public Finance Professor AD Barton
Economic History Professor GSL Tucker
Economics Professor JD Pitchford
Statistics Professor CR Heathcote
Administrative Studies Program Professor AD Barton
Centre for Research of Federal Financial Relations Professor RL Mathews


Faculty of Law

Professor LR Zines

Legal workshop KF O'Leary


Faculty of Science

Subject Subject head
Applied Mathematics Professor A Brown
Biochemistry Professor JF Williams
Botany Professor JW Wilson
Chemistry Professor IG Ross
Computer Science Professor RP Brent
Forestry Professor DM Griffin
Geology Professor KSW Campbell
Physics Professor S Hinds
Psychology Professor WA Scott
Pure Mathematics Professor NS Trudinger
Theoretical Physics Professor HA Buchdahl
Zoology Professor SA Barnett
National Nuclear Resonance Centre Dr AJ Jones


University Academic Centres

Centre Director
Centre for Resources and Environmental Studies Professor FJ Fenner
Humanities Research Centre Professor CIE Donaldson
NHMRC Social Psychiatry Research Unit Dr AS Henderson
Health Research Project Dr JS Deeble


Administrative structure

Role Person
Registrar GE Dicker
Bursar JA Coleman
Secretary WR Williams
Head, Buildings and Grounds AA Robertson
Librarian MG Simms
Computer Services Centre RR Landford
Survey Research Centre DRW Brewer
ANU Press B Clouston
University House Master Emeritus Professor Ralph Elliott

Division of Educational Services

  • Centre for Continuing Education Dr C Duke
  • Instructional Resources Unit CA Clark
  • Office for Research in Academic Methods AH Miller
  • University Counselling Centre
  • University Health Service SB Furnass

Halls of residence

  • Bruce Hall
  • Burton Hall
  • Garran Hall
  • Graduate House
  • Toad Hall

Affiliated colleges

  • John XXIII College
  • Ursula College
  • Burgmann College