Hard labour

Humping bagged flour for the ships hold
Humping bagged flour for the ships hold, Sydney waterfront, circa 1940 (photographer not known) Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia, Z248-82

Hard Labour depicts the physical effort exerted by man and beast working on the waterfont, on the land, in mines, and in factories in Australia from the 1880s to the 1950s. It features photographs by Harold Cazneaux, Sam Hood, Noel Rubie and many other anonymous recorders of early Australian working conditions, taken from the collections of The Adelaide Steamship Company Ltd, CSR Limited, Dalgety Australia Limited, Dunlop Rubber (Australia) Pty Ltd , Intercolonial Investment Land & Building Company Ltd, Unilever (Australia) Pty Ltd, and Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia. This exhibition coincided with Vivid, the National Photography Festival, held in Canberra from July to October 2008.