For the people - Pacific resources

This exhibition explores the environmental resources of the Pacific Islands through the themes of Our Sea of Islands, Mining the Pacific, Agriculture and Land, Cane and Coconuts
The exhibition displays material from:

  • Anthropologist/geographer Dr William Clarke's research papers and photographs of agricultural practices of the Bomagai-Angoiang people of Papua New Guinea,
  • Geographer Professor Gerard Ward's research materials on the bech-de-mer trade in the Pacific Islands, the sugar cane and copra industries in Fiji,
  • Dietitian Nancy Hitchcock's photos of fishing in Kaparoko, Papua New Guinea demonstrate the importance of ocean resources in the Pacific,
  • Burns Philp and Company photos showing gold mining at Merri Creek in the Morobe District of Papua New Guinea,
  • Anthropologist Dr Martha Macintrye and environmental scientist Dr Simon Foale's photos of the impact of gold mining on the people of Lihir, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, and
  • a collection of photographs of phosphate mining on Banaba/Ocean Island from Fred Doutch, Lillian Hardman and the Edwards family.