Using the Archives FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about using the Archives.

I am not connected with The Australian National University. Can I still use the archival collection?

Anyone may use the records of the ANU Archives. You do not have to be associated with the University.

Can I research archival records online?

The Archives has an online database which allows users to find information about record creators, record series and individual items. Only a small percentage of the collection is digitised. Digitised material can be seen on Open Research.

Can I see records in the Archives through inter-library loan?

Unfortunately not. Archival records are unique and often fragile so they do not travel well. If you are unable to visit our reading room at the Australian National University, and don't know anyone in Canberra who can look at the records on your behalf, we recommend contacting one of the professional researchers listed on our website.

Can the Archives carry out research for me?

A reference archivist can undertake a basic search to identify where records might be found. If you are unable to come to Canberra to look at the records, and don't know anyone who can do this for you, we recommend you contact one of the professional researchers on our website.

Where and when can I visit the Archives?

The Archives' reading room is in the Menzies Building on the Australian National University campus in Canberra. Check our opening hours before planning a visit.

What does the Archives charge for using records?

There is no charge for looking at records. We only charge for producing copies of large format photographs and audiovisual records on a cost-recovery basis.

Can I donate records to the Archives?

The Archives accepts donations of records that fit into our collecting policy. If you are thinking of donating records please contact the University Archivist at

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