Past events

Graeme Davison

2009 annual lecture: Rethinking the Australian legend. Graeme Davison »

Tue 8 Sep 2009
Fifty years after its publication Russel Ward's book The Australian Legend remains the classic account of our national origins. In tracing Australia'...
Michael Piggott

2008 annual lecture: Alchemist magpies? Collecting archivists & their critics »

Tue 16 Sep 2008
Are archivists complicit in helping the victors write history, privileging some voices and silencing others? Are they alchemists transforming 'turds...
Anne Curthoys

2007 annual lecture: Harry Potter & the Holocaust: Reflections on history & fiction »

Tue 18 Sep 2007
In recent debates over truth and fiction in history, the Holocaust has loomed large. It is often seen to be a litmus test for historians, in terms of...
Gordon Briscoe

2006 annual lecture: Repeating the mistakes of the past? Aborigines and the Pastoralists in the Northern Territory 1914-67 »

Tue 4 Apr 2006
What is happening to records of aboriginal people today? Will these archives survive?  Are we repeating the mistakes of the past?  These are the...
Humphrey McQueen

2005 annual lecture: Tradesmen's entrance. The contribution of trade journals to understanding capitalism in Australia »

Wed 25 May 2005
The lecture draws attention to a neglected body of Australian journalism, namely, trade periodicals.  Between the 1880s and 1960s Australian employer...
Stuart Macintyre

2004 annual lecture: The History Wars continued »

Wed 3 Nov 2004
A war is raging in historical circles.  Divisions about how to interpret Australian history and the politicisation of the topic - see in the...

2003 annual lecture: When History was rising fast: Australian history and the economic historians 1930-1960 »

Wed 12 Mar 2003
Professor Blainey will look at some of the leading Australian historians of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, including Keith Hancock EOG Shann, Brian...
Rae Frances flyer

Inaugural archives lecture: Confessions of a promiscuous researcher (2002) »

Thu 4 Apr 2002
Archives supply historians with raw material for their research.  Sensational discoveries, hidden truths and forgotten heroes abound on the archival...